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    The push for eHealth is being fueled by the critical imperative to integrate departmental hospital systems, and networks of healthcare institutions together. It is also being driven by the need to achieve new levels of efficiency in providing healthcare and changing service delivery models, something that only Internet models of operation can deliver. For example: online pharmacies and patient self-service over the web.

    All of these initiatives will require that huge volumes of clinical data can be integrated, managed, secured, and delivered over the Internet – anytime and anywhere. In order to advance healthcare services, the next generation healthcare information systems must enable new levels of integration for hospital information systems. They must provide doctors with access to consolidated healthcare records at the point of care, and establish new connections with the patients themselves.

    This means that an eHealth portal must provide the following:

  • on demand access to multimedia clinical information at the point of care;
  • allow common business processes across multi-vendor systems, and multi-site institutions;
  • integration of business processes with external agencies;
  • growth beyond single institution for regional and national coverage; and
  • the capability to integrate new clinical information within legacy systems.

    The MAINsuite product line addresses this challenge today. MAINsuite enables the creation of Virtual Multi-media Electronic Health Records, and leverages the power of the intranet, Internet and Web, which allows healthcare information to be:

  • used efficiently between multi-vendor departmental systems, and shared between hospitals;
  • integrated into web-based decision support systems, allowing for better patient care;
  • securely accessed by patients themselves, over the web from the privacy of their own homes.


    Healthcare professionals want to provide the best possible patient care. In particular, they want a complete picture of a patient health, to make the best possible decisions at the point of care. For the sake of the patient, doctor’s want to avoid the delays and added stress caused by replicated tests and lab procedures.

    Doctors, as they advance towards these objectives, do not want to be faced with the distributed, disparate systems and procedures used to manage today’s healthcare information. In its place, they want to see an integrated patient record which shows a longitudinal record of patient care. They want the messy reality of healthcare information systems to be hidden behind a uniform, reliable, and accessible web portal.

    MAINSOURCE has a deep understanding of the obstacles facing doctors today, as they try to gain access to decision-ready information. MAINsuite eHealth portal targets these obstacles with a vengence, as demonstrated in this MAINsuite eHealth scenario.


    The problem of integrating departmental hospital systems, and even networks of healthcare institutions together, can no longer be ignored – as evidenced by a recent survey which shows that the overwhelming majority of healthcare professionals view “integrating systems in a multi-vendor environment” as a top priority.

    The pressure to cut costs have given healthcare administrators cause to look with envy at the new efficiencies of e-business.

    As the problems mount, the underlying theme of the solution has clarified. One way or another, the Internet is going to be a fundamental part healthcare IT in the new millennium.

    MAINSOURCE understand this, and have developed a production-class solutions for clinics, hospital IT centers, and regional healthcare networks can can use to integrate their systems, and harness the new reality of eHealth. By way of example, consider this MAINsuite eHealth scenario.



    Your health is your own business. Security, trust, and reliability is a must.

    Some “Personal Healthcare Record” companies have just opened up shop on the Web, inviting citizens to enter their own healthcare information into their web site. Not only does this place the burden of maintaining the health record on the individual, but privacy also becomes a concern; who are these companies, and how secure are their systems?

    The fact is, only the established healthcare institutions have the experience to truly understand your privacy concerns, and have earned your trust. In addition, these institutions already manage your most accurate and up to date healthcare information - your latest lab results, or the updated schedule for your next procedure.

    What is needed is a reliable way for you to visit a secure web site, and view your own healthcare record from the privacy and convenience of your own home.

    This is what MAINsuite is all about - enabling healthcare institutions to serve you better through innovative eHealth portal solutions.


Additional information can be found in the MAINSOURCE Technical White Paper.