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     MAINSOURCE Software Corporation is a Next Generation IT company with a cross-industry, production-class product suite aimed at the overwhelming challenge of comprehensive, enterprise-wide Content Management.

     We provide superior, leading-edge technology to simplify the business of storing, indexing, linking and retrieving massive amounts of complex data such as voice, video and images along with more traditional data types, resulting in a comprehensive and totally integrated Content Management solution. This is achieved through an innovative 'meta-tagging' approach where the raw data can remain with the acquisition systems, yet be available through object level security structures, to any authorized user or application. It allows the right information to be delivered to the right person, at the right time, regardless of location.

     In addition to our proprietary architecture and product suite, we have a specific marketing focus on Healthcare solutions.

     Our immediate mission is to provide leadership solutions to Healthcare CIO's where sharing and securing complex clinical information is a major concern.